Richard Stark: The Outfit

“Die some place else.”

That’s what Parker says.  Parker is Richard Stark’s creation.  Richard Stark is Donald E. Westlake’s creation.  But Richard Stark is Richard Stark, a man on his own.  He may not have bones but he has words and those words cut, they punch, they make blood happen.

Parker is a thief.  He wants money from the mob because they owe it to him.  They won’t let it go at that so in The Outfit, Stark’s second Parker novel, he has to follow the mobsters all the way to the top and settle the score.

No one writes like Stark.  I mean no one.

Artwork from the soundtrack of the film adaptation of Stark’s novel, the best ever, directed by John Flynn, starring Robert Duvall.


2 Responses to “Richard Stark: The Outfit”

  1. Great blog! Coolsville. By the way, I landed here because I’m about to repost a great Q&A I did with Donald Westlake on the relaunch of the Parker series, a few years before he died. It was one of my favorite pieces of journalism, ever.

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