Peter Cheyney: This Man is Dangerous

Like I said the last time I wrote about Cheyney, he created a character named Lemmy Caution.  As Cheyney so often writes, this guy is “nobody’s business” and I don’t mean maybe.  I won’t stuff this up with a bunch of crap.   This Man is Dangerous is a hell of a book.

I’ll let it do its own talking:

“It was a hot night–one of them nights when every time you try to breathe you wonder where you’re gonna get the air from.”

“I learn that I can still be caught on a bad market, because this jane has got a vest-pocket automatic in her handbag and she shoots through the bottom of it.  She gets me… My wrist drops, an’ before you could say sap the four guys at the table are on top of me.  They give me the works.  By the time this bunch have done with me I’m feeling like a communist demonstration in New York when the coppers are bad-tempered.  What those guys do to me is nobody’s business.”

Eddie Constantine as Lemmy Caution

“… There would be durn little crime if it wasn’t for women like Connie… I once read in some magazine that crime costs the American people four million dollars a year, an’ I reckon if somebody had dipped Constance in a bucket of cold water five minutes after she was born that maybe the U.S. taxpayers would have saved one million, which shows you that I think this dame is pretty good.”

“I’ll raise every hoodlum in New York an’ I’ll go after that yellow thug an’ I’ll shoot seventeen different kinds of hell outa him, that is if I don’t decide to burn him alive or something.”

Peter Cheyney


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