From the Mouth of the Son-of-a-Bitch

James Ellroy calls himself a lot of things: “the demon dog, the foul owl with the death growl, the white knight of the far right, and the slick trick with the donkey dick”, but for the purposes of this blog I’d like to refer to him from now on as the Son-of-a-Bitch.

From the mouth of the Son-of-a-Bitch:

“Crime fiction is bullshit.  I’m the greatest American writer of crime fiction and I’ll tell you that crime fiction is bullshit… Dashiell Hammett would tell you the same thing if he were alive.”
-Snatched from the commentary track off the new DVD for Don Siegel’s The Line-Up.

Well, one thing is for certain, Ellroy certainly is the greatest son-of-a-bitch writer alive.


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