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Peter Cheyney: Dark Bahama, or I’ll Bring Her Back

Posted in Peter Cheyney with tags , , , , on November 3, 2010 by gustravis

I’m back on Peter Cheyney (Hammett-rival, great Brit-pulp writer) again. This time it’s not Lemmy Caution or Slim Callaghan, but another of his spy-pulp adventures, this one called Dark Bahama or retitled as I’ll Bring Her Back. Cheyney includes a nice teaser for the hundred or so pages of womanizing and Nazi-killing ahead. I’ve reprinted it here.

HE COULD still feel the goon’s fist in his belly. Forcing down a feeling of nausea, he looked the place over. The plush living room faded in and out of focus. Brother, could he use a shot of scotch. Then Thelma came in.

HE WAS GLAD his vision wasn’t too blurred. She came towards him, her full bosom undulating slowly, enticingly under a sheer pink dress. “Hello, Julian.” Her voice played around his ears like a gentle blow-torch, while the smell of her had an even more desirable effect than the scotch. “You look slightly less than handsome.”

AS SHE MOVED CLOSER to him a warm sweat broke into nervous little beads on his forehead and as he moved towards her outstretched arms he promised some day he’d kick her beautiful teeth in for having him beaten up. . .